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2114 - 2116 Broadway

Location: Redwood City, CA
Year: 2014

Architect: The Kastrop Group, Inc.
Structural Engineer: 
OAK Structural
Contractor: South Bay Construction

This project is in the heart of Redwood City's downtown theatre district. The existing building, built in 1917, housed the first movie theatre in Redwood City -- the Sequoia Theatre. Sadly, the building had been abandoned for the last 10 years.

The Kastrop Group teamed up with the property owners to convert the building into a two-story multi-use retail/office building with an architectural character in-sync with the Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan and respectful of the building's heritage.  

Complicating factors included preserving the grandfathered non-compliant parking and adding accessibility features including an elevator that was built off-site and craned into place.

Schematic 3D Rendering

Hover to see before and after transformations!

Exterior Front Facade
2114-2116 Broadway - before image.
Schematic Elevation Rendering
Schematic Elevation Sketch
Construction Progress Photo
Construction Progress Photo
Construction Progress Photo
Rear Exterior Façade
Construction Progress Photo
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