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Residential Architecture is the design of private homes.


It can be a truly life-changing experience.  For the individual, couple, or family, the experience is filled with hope and excitement, but also many concerns.  Whether you have a home to remodel or a vacant lot to build on, you want your lifestyle and tastes to be a part of the completed design.  You also want the architect to bring new ideas to the table, ideas that are based on many years of experience, creativity and innovation. You want to be able to stick to your budget as closely as possible and avoid unpleasant surprises.  At The Kastrop Group, we understand your priorities.


The Kastrop Group uses a collaborative approach to each project.  From the very first client meeting, we want to hear your ideas.  We also will talk to potential contractors, engineers, and anyone else who will be involved with the project.  By creating a collaborative project team, we can troubleshoot obstacles and stay on budget. 

Since we have good working relationships with permitting agencies, we establish trust in the project team and get "buy in" from the very beginning of the process.  With communication and teamwork, we find ways to overcome obstacles and create successful outcomes.


The Kastrop Group is especially devoted to designing what we call "healthy homes", with an emphasis on safety, non-toxic materials, energy efficiency, and earth-friendly ("green") methods.  We also consider multi-generational building options to allow the home to be used effectively by not only the current residents, but others in the future, such as children, or aging relatives.

Here are the list of our projects that you can find on this page:


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