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Public Architecture is the design of buildings that are open to the public.


This includes government buildings, places of worship, schools, museums, clubs, non-profit organizations, and parks & recreation facilities. 


The Kastrop Group has been privileged to work on several public projects, including:


  • several churches

  • a synagogue

  • a yacht club

  • a public library

  • a YMCA

  • private schools

  • harbor office

  • golf & country club facilities

In most cases, public projects involve a community input process to achieve the best possible communication with stakeholders.  Sometimes the projects involve submitting plans to fundraising committees, advisory boards or elected officials.  This can be critical to the success of the project, and we enjoy doing these types of presentations and meetings during the architectural design process.

The Kastrop Group uses a collaborative approach to create strong teamwork between the client, architect, engineers, project manager, and general contractor.  Having good working relationships with permitting agencies, we establish trust in the project team and get "buy in" from the very beginning of the process.  With communication and teamwork, we find ways to overcome obstacles and create successful outcomes.

Here are the list of our projects that you can find on this page:

Click on a sample project below to explore!

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