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Commercial Architecture is designing for business. 


It encompasses a large spectrum of projects of all types and sizes.  From a mom-and-pop grocery store or restaurant to a large office building, the design and construction must be cost-effective and meet the business needs of the client as well as their customers and employees.  It must reflect the culture and style of the business, as well as the surrounding environment.


The Kastrop Group is especially devoted to designing what we call "beneficial buildings", with an emphasis on safety, non-toxic materials, energy efficiency, and earth-friendly ("green") methods.  We also use traditional techniques like feng shui and newer ergonomic trends to make the work environment feel comfortable and productive to those using the building on a daily basis.


Here are examples of the variety of commercial projects The Kastrop Group has successfully completed:


  • Remodels: from older multi-use buildings in downtown and commercial corridors to updating an aging strip mall

  • Retail Stores: from major chain outlets across the country to small unique boutiques

  • Restaurants:  from small outdoor cafes to coffee shops to fine dining establishments

  • Personal Service Shops: such as nail and hair salons

  • Tenant Improvements: from small offices in older buildings to new offices in Type A office complexes

  • Health Clubs and Dance Studios

  • Industrial Facilities: storage, maintenance, construction

  • Medical Offices: from an optometrist office in a strip mall, to outpatient clinics, to a high-tech research facility

  • Pet Facilities: boarding, veterinary care, grooming

  • Boutique Hotels: updating rooms, lobby, façade

  • Historic Restorations: from a 1920's art nouveau retail/office complex to a 1950's style diner

Here are the list of our projects that you can find on this page:


Every client, every project, has different requirements.  The Kastrop Group uses a collaborative approach to create strong teamwork between the client, architect, engineers, project manager, and general contractor.  Having good working relationships with permitting agencies, we establish trust in the project team and get "buy in" from the very beginning of the process.  With communication and teamwork, we find ways to overcome obstacles and create successful outcomes.

Click on a sample project below to explore!

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