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Every project involves a balance between quality and cost. At The Kastrop Group, Inc., we work to save you as much money as possible while still producing high-quality designs.  We never cut corners in the actual design process, but a tight budget means that we have to keep the design simple and conservative so it won't be too expensive to build.  The higher the budget, the more complex and unique the final project can be.


There are generally three levels of quality to consider:


Cost is your primary concern. It is critical that the project stays within a specific budget target.


Cost is important to you, but not your only consideration.

  • You wish to receive basic design services, with a minimal level of time spent by the architectural team.

  • You understand that this process requires a great deal of effort on your part.

  • You understand that design details will not be provided unless they are specifically required by permitting authorities or by the contractor.

  • You understand that your General Contractor will have to work collaboratively with the architectural team to "fill in the blanks" in the plans as the work progresses. This may incur some "additional service" fees, which will be the minimum necessary to complete the project satisfactorily.

  • The Kastrop Group, Inc. emphasizes that this approach is more difficult. You need to be very confident about the cooperation/competence of your General Contractor.

  • You would like the ordinary amount of design service.

  • You will discuss budget limitations with the architectural team, but you have some flexibility.

  • You are available and willing to make decisions at each stage of the design process to give direction.

  • You understand that there will be minimal design details (custom construction) provided unless you specifically request them, or the design/permit requires them.

  • You understand that some of the details and finishes will be part of the collaboration with the General Contractor.

High Quality 

Cost is not a primary concern to you.

  • You would like your project to be unique and design-intensive.

  • You are willing to invest in having the architectural team provide a high level of design options and custom details to make your project special.

  • You understand that this is an artistic process, which will involve brainstorming meetings to get your input, but will include some artistic license for the design team.

  • You understand that the cost of construction will be higher than average and may require specially-skilled tradespeople in addition to the General Contractor.

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