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Ethical Business Practices Statement of Guiding Principles

Honesty, integrity, fairness in our work and in our pricing, commitment to community service, and improving the business standards of the architectural profession. 


Designing for your Reality

Our long track record of designing and getting permits for a wide variety of projects in many different Bay Area communities demonstrates our professional skill in "Designing for Your Reality".  Whether your project is for a residence, accessory dwelling unit, office, restaurant, industrial site, retail store, salon, church, recreational facility or pet care service we have the experience necessary for success.


Our specialty is not a type of building, but rather a style of service

At the Kastrop Group, we specialize in guiding projects through to completion.  "Designing for Your Reality" is a reflection of that approach.  Your reality includes your imagination, your style, your budget and your goals.  We are privileged to help you set a course towards your destination. 

Many potential projects are not built because they lack one or more of three key things—determination to see the project through, knowledge of legal requirements (building codes and ordinances), or funding that is adequate for the project—but that’s where we can help. We talk to our clients about possibilities by asking questions that will help us to understand your ideas and goals.  We help you to imagine how you will be using the space that we are designing for you.  We envision what your needs may be in five, ten or twenty years to create design solutions that will be productive for you in the long-run.  We use our experience to integrate convenience and comfort features that will enhance your lifestyle or work habits.  We consider what is necessary to maximize the building’s value and desirability.


Designing for Your Reality is not just about providing a knowledgeable basis for the project design.  It is also about communicating realistically about the development process.  If the initial project concept will be difficult to achieve on time and on budget, we will sit down with you to discuss alternatives and avoid surprises.  We work hard to help you achieve your objectives and guide you past the obstacles that are inherently part of the process.


In Designing for Your Reality we pledge to communicate regularly by phone, email and in person with our clients to keep you informed and excited about seeing the project through to a successful completion.  That is smooth sailing.  That is our specialty.

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