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  • Lorianna Kastrop

Case Study: 640 Maple Street, Part 3

Now Complete!

In case you missed them, here’s the two preceding parts to this blog series.

Our extensive remodel project converting the old Schroeder Sheet Metal shop into a modern home is finally complete! We’d like to share some of the finished photos with you, along with some further reflection.

The Exterior – Then and Now


640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-005-14-640Maple 0018-1500x1000-72dpi

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-001-29-640Maple 0006-1490x1000-72dpi

The Schroeder sign returned towards the end of construction, this time with a modified backdrop of stamped sheet metal, corten steel, and wood siding that developed from countless 3D rendering studies. The original stamped sheet metal was removed, repaired and painted before being re-installed. The wood siding repurposed the original flooring of the sheet metal shop, a beautiful and sustainable idea from our client.

Taking a Look Inside



And After:

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-047-17-640Maple 0174-667x1000-72dpi

Lightening the walls and adding a few well-placed skylights and windows transformed the space. The building footprint did not change, yet the interior feels much more spacious. The interior designer – Keith Higgins – did a wonderful job selecting the interior finishes as well, seamlessly mixing the cooler industrial elements with much warmer rustic details and pieces.

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-011-43-640Maple 0046-1500x1000-72dpi

All the steel work was provided by Tom Roy and Alex Gonzalez. Details throughout the home, such as the railing corner above, are subtle tributes to the Schroder Sheet Metal building’s prior life. The client, interior designer, and metal fabricators came up with this alternate metal design that is unique and timeless.

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-008-18-640Maple 0036-1500x1000-72dpi

With a footprint of just 1,500 square feet and a pitched roof that carves out a large portion of the available second story, Principal Architect D. Michael Kastrop, A.I.A. designed with a mind toward efficient use of space. The final design has two spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, a master bedroom/bathroom suite, a home office and a powder room tucked in next to the kitchen and full laundry room. The kitchenette shown above was designed by Mr. Kastrop to make use of the under-stair ”dead” space.

Back Outside – The Living Wall

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-003-15-640Maple 0010-1500x1000-72dpi

The living wall was designed and installed by Habitat for Horticulture. “The Fu Manchu face” was the inspiration provided by our client. Can you spot the mustache? We’re looking forward to watching it grow out as we pass by regularly.

Closing Words

640 Maple St Redwood City CA-large-044-41-640Maple 0166-1500x1000-72dpi

This project took time and attention to all of the details, and we are pleased to have the chance to share the stunning outcome with you. The project transformed a dilapidated industrial building into a beautiful living space with historical character. We have a page featuring this project on our website with many more photos, if you are interested. Click here to see the image spread!

Look out for future blog posts from our firm Vice President, Lorianna Kastrop. The blog provides some useful tidbits and reflects on trends that our architectural office experiences first-hand. With that said, I’d like to honor her blog-closer and say thanks for reading, and as always, we are “Designing for Your Reality”.

By Marie Barron, Design Associate, The Kastrop Group, Inc. Architects

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