Lakeview Way Remodel

Location: Redwood City, CA
Year: 2019
Architect: The Kastrop Group, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Neal Meagher
Contractor: Kevin Wilkinson

Updating the exterior look of a house with new finishes and landscaping can be visualized in advance and the details refined using our 3-D software.  On this project, we worked closely with our Client and the Landscape Architect to accurately portray the design in 3-D.  Comparing the finished photos to the renderings shows how well this process can work.  The result is a beautifully updated “new house” that improves the neighborhood and makes the owner proud to invite friends over.

After: Front Exterior
Before: Front Exterior
Schematic Rendering: Front Exterior
Before: Front Entry
After: Front Entry
After: Rear Exterior
Before: Rear Exterior
After: Side Gate
After: Garage/Side Exterior
Before: Garage/Side Exterior
After: Rear Patio