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Nine Lives Foundation

Location: Redwood City, CA
Year: 2018

Architect: The Kastrop Group, Inc.
Structural Engineer: 
ZFA Structural Engineers
Contractor: Universal Developing
Tenant: Nine Lives Foundation

The Nine Lives Foundation was relocating their cat adoption facility after non-renewal of their lease.  With less square footage available, substantial downsizing was a design challenge.  First, we designed a new adoption and surgery/treatment facility for them on Jefferson Ave in 2016 which is open and operating at capacity.  Needing more room for the housing and adoption facilities, they found this small coin-operated laundry facility near their previous location.

The priority was to create areas for healthy kittens and mature cats, areas for minor medical treatment, an adoption area, and a separate area for sick or recuperating cats, plus a laundry and storage area.  Existing skylights were re-used and additional ones added to provide natural lighting.  To provide a

Cats at Nine Lives Foundation

memorable and welcoming environment for the employees, volunteers and visitors planning to adopt, we designed the façade with cat ears and stripes. It not only reflects the use of the building, but also reflects the passion of the people who work with and adopt the kittens and cats.


Hover to see before and after transformations!

After: Front Exterior
Before: Front Exterior
Front Exterior
Waiting Area
Cat at Nine Lives Foundation
Cats at Nine Lives Foundation
Front Door
Cat Area
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